You can check the order status through the interface swap-api/v1/swap_order_info. The historical kline data can be obtained via API interface /market/history/kline with the request params from, to . And the qty of data records cannot be exceeding 2000 in each time. To improve query performance and response speed, please enter as many querying conditions as possible (including symbol, type, create_date). This endpoint returns the current transaction fee rate applied to the user. The returned data object is a single string which represents the order idIf client order ID duplicates with a previous order , the endpoint reverts error message Below is the error code, error message and description returned by Market data APIs.

huobi price api

Via this endpoint, user could only query point’s balance instead of any other cryptocurrency’s balance. This endpoint allows a user to transfer fund between spot accounts and futrue contract accounts. This endpoint returns a list of accounts owned by this API user. API user could query static reference information for each currency, as well as its corresponding chain. It is recommended to use start-time and end-time to query, that are two timestamps with 13 digits . The maximum query time window is 48 hours , the more precision you provide, the better performance you will get.

Q3: Why Does The Api Return Connection Reset Or Max Retris Or Timeout Error?

It’s worth mentioning that Huobi Global, unlike many other exchanges, has never been hacked and has millions of customers all over the globe. Any time you send coins, Koinly treats this as an asset disposal as standard, making withdrawals subject to Capital Gains Tax. However, some disposals are tax free, depending on your location. Koinly isn't just a cryptocurrency tax calculator, it's also a portfolio tracker.

huobi price api

Finally, Koinly compiles all this information into one simple tax summary, available on your tax report page. The Huobi exchange offers a series of discounts for clients with VIP status. With this option, investors and traders can save a decent amount of funds on commissions. This is Huobi Python SDK v2, you can import to your python project and use this SDK to query all market data, trading and manage your account. The SDK supports RESTful API invoking, and concurrently subscribing the market, account and order update from the Websocket connection.

The platform does its best to make it easy and convenient to exchange Huobi Token and supports the asset as part of trading pairs with numerous popular cryptocurrencies. First, the Huobi exchange uses HT for its loyalty program that rewards members with a range of discounts. The company has also decided to use HT tokens to confer voting rights on users of the Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange . Huobi Token is the native token of the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global. It is a decentralized digital asset based on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC-20 compliant. HT’s value is in part reliant upon the reputation of the Huobi crypto exchange, yet other factors also have an impact. Browse other questions tagged python api request huobi or ask your own question.

Huobi Api Javascript

This endpoint transfers specific asset from spot trading account to isolated margin account. 2、After receiving WebSocket push message, check account balance from REST endpoint to ensure sufficient available balance for the next order submission. This endpoint returns orders based on a specific searching criteria. The orders created via API will no longer be queryable after being cancelled for more than 2 hours. If the user fills in both start-time and end-time parameters, the server will return historical orders from near to far [end-time, start-time]. If the user does not fill in the start-time but fills in the end-time parameter, the server will return the historical order from near to far [end-time, end-time – 48 hours].

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Banking Behemoth's Crypto Wallet, Ethereum Outflows, Bitcoin's Milestone, Cheap NFT Ape + More News.

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But, like any big and complex thing, it has its own disadvantages. For example, you can’t send orders using WebSocket and have to use REST API. So what’s the issue? The order_id can than be used to retrieve the full status about the order with the order_info() function. The IRS, HMRC, ATO and more tax authorities have confirmed they're DevOps cracking down on crypto tax evasion. These tax offices are putting pressure on crypto exchanges to share customer data, not only to ensure tax compliance but also to improve security. Enter the security authentication code sent to your email address. Discuss Talk about cryptocurrency taxation with the rest of our community.

Unsubscribe Position Change Data

It is recommended that place the server in AWS Tokyo C zone and use the domain, which can effectively reduce network disconnection and network timeout. Future, Coin Margined Swap and USDT Margined Swap are using separate API rate limits. Add the digital Signature encoded with URL code into the path parameters with the parameter name of "Signature". Add the digital Signature into the parameters of request path. Encoding the Hash value with base-64 code, the result will be the digital Signature of this request. Use the "request character strings" formed in the last step and your Secret Key to create a digital Signature.

  • Before a conditional order triggering, it can be only cancelled via this endpoint instead of any endpoint in "Trading" section.
  • Li began his career as a computer engineer at Oracle, the world's largest database provider.
  • Nodejs and javascript cannot parse 18 digits by default.
  • This endpoint repays margin loan with your asset in your margin account.
  • Any time you receive coins, Koinly treats this as a purchase at market price or investment.

But it’s still good enough for the purpose of this article. In FIX we use MarketDataRequest to indicate updates for what instrument and exchanges we would like to receive. The XTRD MD Feeder expects that you will start your handshake by sending a special message called Logon that contains fields Username and Password. To build a simple trading application, crypto exchange connectors development we will use Java and OnixS FIX Engine. Of course, you can always replace Java with C++, Python, or JavaScript and OnixS with QuickFIX or Fix8, that’s the beauty of the FIX API — it’s completely language and engine agnostic. Yes, we do prefer to use OnixS libraries because of their advantages but this is only an internal team decision.

The above contents of VIP Client Preferential Policy are only eligible for a certain period. Please check the official announcement for the latest update. If the authentication cannot pass, the invoking of private interface will fail. Most of the interface is now complete, and the user can continue to extend it based on my design, working with me to improve it. These APIs don't require API keys, but it has 10 calls / second limit. If size, from and to are all filled, from and to parameter will be ignored. Please refer to our official announcement if there are further adjustments on the fee structure or the valid period of it.

Add An Interface: Query Assets And Position Info

• The gap between orderPrice and stopPrice shouldn't exceed the price limit ratio. For example, a limit buy order's price couldn't be higher than 110% of market price, this limitation should be also applicable to orderPrice/stopPrice ratio. 1) Although the newly introduced conditional order is also triggered by stop price, before it being triggered, the Exchange will not lock order margin for this order. Only when this conditional order being successfully triggered, its order margin will be locked.

huobi price api

Only update when order is in transaction or cancellation. Order transaction update is in tick by tick mode, which means, if a taker’s order matches with multiple maker’s orders, the simultaneous multiple trades will be disseminated one by one. But the update sequence of the multiple trades, may not be exactly the same as the sequence of the transactions made. This endpoint transfers specific asset from isolated margin account to spot trading account.

Added Query Asset Valuation Interface

When any one of the buy_one price, buy_one quantity, sell_one price and sell_one quantity changes, the system will push BBO price. Bid price and ask price are not updated in real time, there will be some delay . 40 subscriptions at most can be sent in one second in websocket connections. The frequency limit of this interface is 5 times per second. The return order_id is 18 bits, it will make mistake when nodejs and JavaScript analysed 18 bits.

1) Be aware of that, some items within the query window were not returned due to the page size limitation. This endpoint returns the amount changes of a specified user's account. Obtain the total asset valuation of the platform account according to the BTC or legal currency denominated unit. This endpoint returns the balance of an account specified by account id. This endpoint retrieves the summary of trading in the market for the last 24 hours. This endpoint retrieves the latest ticker with some important 24h aggregated market data. This endpoint allows users to get system status, Incidents and planned maintenance.

The calculated maker rebate value inside ‘filled-fees’ would not be paid immediately. This endpoint returns all open orders which have not been filled completely. If the order price is less than the lowest selling price in the market, the order will be accepted. If the order price is greater than or equal to the lowest selling price in the market, the order will be rejected. This endpoint allows parent user to lock or unlock a specific sub user. This interface is to set the deduction fee for parent and sub user .

Q2: Why Are Apis Disconnected Or Timeout?

The maximum query window size set by "startTime" & "endTime" is 10-day, which mean a maximum of 10-day records are queriable per request. The query window can be within the last 180 days, which means, by adjusting "startTime" & "endTime" accordingly, the records in last 180 days are queriable. Account APIs provide account related query and transfer functionality. This endpoint retrieves the most recent trades with their price, volume, and direction. This endpoint retrieves the latest trade with its price, volume, and direction. This endpoint returns all Huobi's supported tradable symbols. 10.Check the byte[] is directly to be Base64 encoded after generated from the HmacSHA256 signature, instead of hexadecimal string to be Base64 encoded.

When data_type is incremental,snapshot data wil be pushed for the first time. When re-connection occurs, snapshort data will be pushed for the first time. Add computed value into the Signature parameter in API request. Please note the computed value SHOULD NOT be encoded into URL cdoe. When type is api, In API authentication, parameter op, type, cid, Signature do not participate in operation. Please note that Huobi Coin Margined Swap API document will only focus on data illustration in non-fixed format. All response data from WebSocket server are compressed into GZIP format.

Go to API Management from the drop down menu which is found in the top right corner. Any time you receive coins, Koinly treats this as a purchase at market price or investment. However, there are times when you receive new coins when this would be considered income and therefore subject to Income Tax instead. Once all your wallets are connected, go to the transactions page. You can filter the type of transaction by withdrawals and deposits.

huobi price api

This endpoint repays margin loan with your asset in your margin account. The endpoint returns loan interest rates and quota applied on the user. The cancelled conditional order before triggering, as well as the conditional order failed to trigger, can be queried out through this endpoint instead of any endpoint in "Trading" section.