Monogeneans try a category regarding parasitic flatworms which might be aren't discovered with the fishes and lower marine invertebrates

This particular article by Peggy Reed, Ruth Francis-Floyd, Ruth Ellen Klinger, and Denise Petty, regarding College regarding Florida, talks about monogenean parasitic organisms out of seafood.


Very monogeneans is browsers one to move around easily into fishs muscles skin feeding on mucus and you may epithelial cells of your skin and you will gills; although not, a few mature monogeneans will stay forever connected with a single web site to the servers. Particular monogenean variety reside the fresh new anal cavity, ureter, muscles hole, and also the fresh new blood-vascular system. Ranging from cuatro,one hundred thousand and 5,000 species of monogeneans was in fact demonstrated. He's found on fishes inside the new and you can sodium liquid and you may inside an array of liquid temperatures.

Morbidity and you will death epidemics considering way too much parasite tons are not uncommon into the captive fishes and have now including occurred in wild fishes. Attentive fishes are usually held in more crowded requirements than just fishes regarding natural environment. Which habit allows hatching monogeneans so you're able to easily find machine seafood. At exactly the same time, stresses found in the attentive environment eg competitive conclusion by tankmates, worst diet, and you will bad drinking water high quality could possibly get change the ability of your fishs immunity system to respond to the existence of the brand new parasites. Though monogeneans can be found on wild seafood, they seldom produce condition or death inside the totally free-starting communities as the around pure standards they are generally not establish for the large quantity with the private fish. Although not, people transform one to causes crowding out of crazy fish, which will were drought and you can diversion regarding water, could raise the thickness regarding parasites on the wild seafood and therefore result in condition. On top of that, the production away from monogenean-infested fishes to the environment may have probably disastrous outcomes. One of these 's the way of resistant Atlantic fish Salmo salar of Sweden which is thought getting the reason out of Gyrodactylus salaris that triggered hefty losses regarding susceptible salmon in Norwegian canals. Some other analogy is the introduction of monogenean-plagued stellate sturgeon Acipenser stellatus on the Caspian Ocean towards the Lake Aral you to decimated new boat sturgeon Acipenser nudiventris population, that has been not against the monogenean.

Category and you may Identification of Monogeneans

Though the terms monogenetic trematodes and you may flukes can be used to explain this community regarding parasites, both are incorrect since the monogeneans aren't trematodes or flukes. In reality, he's different from one other parasitic flatworms, including turbellarians, tapeworms, and trematodes (the genuine flukes). Trematodes and you will tapeworms having rare exceptions simply live inside the house within host, and you will turbellarians from time to time parasitize your skin layer off marine fishes. Within the rear stop monogeneans features a good haptor, a professional holdfast body organ who may have hooks otherwise clamps that enable them to affix to its host (Table step one). Turbellarians, tapeworms, and you may trematodes lack good haptor. The life duration out of monogeneans together with differs from the life span period regarding tapeworms and you can trematodes. Monogeneans have a direct lives period, which means that they go directly from place of machine (fish in order to fish). Tapeworms and you may trematodes have an indirect lifetime cycle very often means several machines (different varieties of pet).

Monogeneans are going to be split into a couple big communities, the newest monopisthocotyleans, that have hook-such as areas on the haptors to connect to their servers, and the polyopisthocotyleans, that use clamp-such structures getting connection. The newest polyopisthocotyleans are not since commonly detected as the monopisthocotyleans, so that they will not be secure in this post. New haptor is normally molded for example a disc. You to definitely three pairs from link-like structures named anchors or hamuli are generally located in the center of the haptor. In many monogenean kinds, the fresh new anchors are accustomed to put on the fresh host of the entrance of one's hosts skin. Anchors are supported by ventral taverns, transverse bars otherwise connection sclerites, which offer stabilizing and you can/or attachment. Really small hooklets entitled marginal hooks are found close or into the the fresh new periphery of your own haptor as they are an important type of accessory for almost all monogeneans. Suction created using brand new haptor itself is another way specific monogeneans heed their server. Some kinds has adhesive glands to your haptor, and have toward direct.


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