Thus a client can protect his rights in court, even if SaaS agreement does not set service levels therein. UI/UX design Binariks provides UI/UX designers to develop attractive and user-friendly interfaces for your software. Intellias has established an IT advisory and excellence organization that guides clients through all the uncertainty and challenges that come with technological innovation. Although the IT ecosystem and software development in Ukraine is relatively young, it can be characterized as multifaceted and dynamic even at its current stage.

Amazon resolves outages. Chatter in the cyber underworld. Russo-US summit quick takes. – The CyberWire

Amazon resolves outages. Chatter in the cyber underworld. Russo-US summit quick takes..

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By paying a relatively low cost for the services of Ukrainian software developers, you will get a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals. They will provide you with the best custom software solution tailored to your specific business needs. Outsourced software product development can significantly boost your company’s ability to achieve strategic business goals. The most important part of successful partnership with software development outsourcing companies is transparent and clear communication.

Project Delivery

Meanwhile, the client may assign to the provider the rights to such property. It can be content and data, which can be uploaded and be published while using SaaS, database of users, original visual and textual content. The provider may in fact infringe on the intellectual property rights of the client or end users, if the agreement does not have proper license provisions. We developed a user-centric indoor navigation solution that makes it easy for over 1,500 employees to navigate large office spaces.

cloud application development in ukraine

NedzLab has about 7 employees that serve a variety of clients in the financial services, media, business services, and consumer products and services sectors. Zoolatech is a custom software development company founded in 2017 in Palo Alto, Calif. with over 50 employees. They are experts in custom software, e-commerce, and mobile app development solutions for clients in the industries of retail and advertising.

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LITSLINK provides services to companies in the information technology, financial services and business services fields. They are headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia and have a second location in Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

But this app model isn’t perfect, and the advantages listed above don’t necessarily make it the best fit for every type of app. Specifically, software that’s used rarely or only once — or that caters to a niche group of consumers or professionals — may lack a sufficient base of users who are ready to pay for it. Though there has been pushback against the subscription trend, the SaaS model has caught on because it offers benefits for both developers and users.

cloud application development in ukraine

We elaborated user personas with particular needs and a readiness to use technology and came up with a minimalist device connected to a web portal to collect and analyze patients’ data. We develop your product from scratch using the Lean Startup methodology, roll it out to the market, and improve it iteratively to achieve your desired performance. You receive a proof of concept based on initial requirements, user research, and fast market feedback, turning your idea into a tangible product. Another reason many choose to outsource software development to Ukraine is its proximity to the European Union.

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Mediapark Group also has locations in Kaunas, Lithuania; Minsk, Belarus; and Kaliningrad, Russia. Mediapark Group's team of around 75 employees focuses on web development, mobile app development, and custom software development, primarily for small and midmarket clients. Headquartered in Newark, Del., they also have offices in Russia, Ukraine, the U.K., Germany, and Israel. The team of over 250 people has experience in web development, mobile app development, and UI/UX design for mid-market, small business, and enterprise clients largely in the business services industry. is a software development company based in Dnipro, Ukraine. Founded in 2016, and its team of around 10 employees provides mobile app and web development, and UX/UI design services to small and mid-market businesses. They primarily work with those in the healthcare & medical, hospitality, and IT industries.

cloud application development in ukraine

A game development company hired TopDevs Inc to augment their development team to help build a social networking app for one of their clients. The TopDevs development and design teams worked well with the company and the app has met the client's expectations. Intellias provides L1 and L2 support 24×7 while working on application development outsourcing projects. Support is provided by experts in the focus domain with great soft and hard skills.

Outsourcing Software Development

You can hire a freelancer, but how sure are you that this particular specialist will meet the deadline? Besides, it may turn out that the quality of the project delivered is far from perfect. Finally, there is always outstaffing services devops teams the risk that the freelancer you are working with will sell your code to your competitor. This quality makes IT outsourcing in Ukraine a more preferable option compared to such countries as India or the Philippines.

  • A non-disclosure agreement allows customers to protect sensitive information.
  • Combined with professional management, it creates an inspiring environment.
  • Good education is something everyone wants, with this we want a 24 hour support that can help us in solving the doubts.

NerdzLab built facial recognition and eye tracking functionalities for a sleep monitoring platform. The tools differentiated between eye blinks, yawns, and head movements. NerdzLab adopted user comments into their work and delivered quality results. 111 Minutes developed a sports training app for iOS and Android to encourage athletic engagement in students. The client praised the team’s transparency, timeliness, and cost-efficiency. The startup specializes in online reviews and Reinvently helped with the design and developed app features the client requested. A group of university students decided to start a dating app company.

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Doit Software

Despite working within a tight deadline, they finished the app and website on time. Developing the app for iOS and Android, they also created a cloud platform for the apps.

cloud application development in ukraine

The company was impressed with the quality of the app and has noticed an increase in engagement. Zoolatech developed a software solution for a financial services firm. The firm needed the solution built using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and React to increase development capacity.

Growth of Ukraine’s IT market from 2016 to 2025The booming tech ecosystem makes Ukraine one of the leading IT outsourcing destinations in Europe. Currently, it accounts for 8.3% of the worlds’ total computer services exports. Generally, under SaaS agreement the provider does not transfer to the client any intellectual property.

Instead, we want to discuss why hiring a dedicated software development team from Ukraine is such a sound idea. So what is the exact number of Ukrainian software development companies?

If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies. As you begin the process of hiring an app development company, remember to define the type of app you want before starting conversations with developers.